SINGLE REVIEW: Camila Cabello feat. Quavo – OMG


It’s currently Summer in America and after previously releasing 2 emotional songs from her forthcoming debut album she decided it was time she released something a little bit more fun. So she graciously released TWO tropical summer bops and while the second one may not instantly have you screaming YES it will slowly get you there. “OMG” is a playful and carefree RNB meets tropical pop track that looks at self empowerment and being able to look at yourself and go “I look good”. It’s that pre-going out hype song that you know you will be blasting with your girls before you hit the town on a weekend or that song you want to play on a road-trip with your friends. It shows a different side to her that is a bit more playful and not as serious or emotional as her previous singles. The feature on this track makes a lot more sense with Quavo being the current go-to rapper for pop artists and adds a cool element to the song. He belongs on the track and doesn’t sound like its just been added to try make it relevant which “Havana” felt like with “Young Thug’s verse. Even though I had to google who or what a Young Thug was. The most shocking thing about this song is that there was no high note…. like thats a first for Cabello. I’m kind of glad though because this song really didn’t need it and would’ve felt misplaced within this sound. It may not instantly be the favourite out of the two songs released today but I feel like it may just become the favourite over time.



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