LIVE REVIEW: Maggie Rogers – The Metro


The week of Splendour In The Grass may just be one of the best weeks in a music lovers calendar year as well as the most stressful too. The last week of July always sees some of the industries biggest names and hottest newcomers make the trip down under to play the coveted festival as well as some exclusive sideshows. Maggie Rogers is one of the newcomers that made her first trip to Australia for the festival and treated Sydney and Melbourne to some exclusive sold out shows. After instantly selling out The Factory hotel they upgraded the venue to The Metro which quickly sold out as well and if became apparent that she has quite the following in Australia.

Brisbane based rapper Mallrat strolled onto the stage and gave the crowd a quirky set that saw her perform tracks from her debut EP “Uninvited” like “Tokyo Drift”, “For Real”, “Inside Voices”, “Sunglasses” and the title track. She also performed a cover of Lily Allen’s “Who’d Have Known” as well as her new collaboration with Oh Boy “Rush Hour” which is an absolute banger. The set was very fun and humble except for the consistent sound issues that plagued the set as well as her slightly awkward stage presnence.

Opening the show with the buzzing sound of crickets Maggie Rogers appeared on the stage to perform the beautiful lullaby “Color Song” before launching into the unreleased vibey track “Split Stones”. She graciously thanked the crowd for coming out to see her and launched straight into the first hit and fan favourite of the night “Dog Years”. Because she has only released one EP she did have to perform quite a few unreleased tracks but the crowd didn’t seem to mind as they were getting to hear what could potentially be their new favourite song. EP favourite “Better” made an appearance later in the set as well as a cover of Neil Young’s “Harvest Rain”. Her interaction was very wholesome and you could tell she was just so grateful to be there performing and the crowd felt the same way about watching her. The smash hit “On + Off” and “Alaska” closed the set and had the crowd singing in unison and joining Rogers in some carefree dancing. She returned to the stage to perform a cover of The Sunday’s “Here’s Where The Story Ends” because she explained how after a shower she feels like she’s been electrocuted and is on a ridiculous high. So she needs to calm down and this song helps her do that so she performed it for the sold out crowd which was a fitting finish to this intimate show.

There’s no denying the talent Maggie Rogers has and after witnessing her live it’s very obvious why Pharrell Williams felt so patiently about her when he sat in the recording studio and heard “Alaska” for the first time.Her vocals were powerhouse at times and then dreamy and vulnerable at others. Her Splendour In The Grass set was very vibrant and fun but this intimate show was where she truly excelled.





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