SINGLE REVIEW: The Killers – Run For Cover

the killers

The Killers forthcoming fifth studio album “Wonderful Wonderful” is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated albums of the year and for good reasoning. Their lead single “The Man” was an anthemic comeback that saw them fusing gospel and electronic rock together creating an epic chorus that didn’t leave my head for weeks. Their second single “Run For Cover” is set to do the same with its brilliant ridiculousness. Lyrically it pays homage to the current situation that America is in with their President and while they poke fun at him they also declare the genuine fear the public has. “He got a big smile, he’s fake news” // “I saw my mother on the street last night all pretty and strong, singing ‘the road is long’. I said ‘Momma I know you’ve tried’ but she fell on her knees and cried”. The production sees them returning to the glam rock they originally wowed us with and then stepped away from on their last album. It’s upbeat, groovy, ultimately catchy and will ignite their live set with that massive chorus. And I mean, Brandon Flowers’ vocals are sounding as great as ever, so do I even have a reason to complain?



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