SINGLE REVIEW: Isaiah – Streets Of Gold


X Factor Australia winner turned Eurovision contestant Isaiah has had quite the career before he’s even turned 18 years old. After having major success with “It’s Gotta Be You” and “Don’t Come Easy” the singer has just released his new single from his forthcoming second studio album. “Streets Of Gold” has the foundations to be a great pop song but the execution sadly failed him. The verses are the strongest thing about this song. The strumming guitars and soulful vocals gave a Sam Smith meets Ed Sheehan vibe. But then the chorus just lost it with a cheesy and anti-climatic hook. I was waiting for it to build up to a big pop moment like his previous two singles but instead it somehow took three steps backwards. He has such major potential and this just seems like a very strange choice as a lead single after competing in the biggest song competition in the world. But at least the lyrics are cute. “When they said that I was crazy I always knew that you were there for me. A million faces all around, but It’s yours I miss the most”. Hopefully this isn’t the strongest track in his collection awaiting release because then I would be worried.




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