SINGLE REVIEW: Ginger & The Ghost – Kindred Spirits


Australian pop duo Ginger & The Ghost have always been known to release abstract pop fusions that see them looking to the future for inspiration and their new single is no different. “Kindred Spirits” sees them extending on the sound their last single “Glow” introduced and somehow they get even more colourful. The sound begins very abstract with vocal distortion and vibey synths before the chorus explodes with a dance twist reminiscent of Kimbra’s debut album. It’s a chorus which is very different but will get stuck in your head with it’s unique sound. Missy’s vocals are commanding and dreamy which perfectly captures the songs essence. The song looks at celebrating the spirit that finds two people and brings them together. Again it’s very unusual but that’s what makes the song work. It’s nothing like anything else you will hear right now and some people are going to hate it but others are going to love its pure ridiculousness.