SINGLE REVIEW: Anastacia – Caught In The Middle


Anastacia is responsible for some of your favourite early 2000 pop songs and if you were a naughties kid then you know all the words to “Left Outside Alone” and “I’m Outta Love”. She has had a rollercoaster couple of years in and out of the spotlight battling a second diagnosis of breast cancer in 2013 and then making a comeback in 2014 with her appropriately titled sixth studio album “Resurrection”. Since then she has been touring the world being reintroduced to fans and even released a greatest hits album. And now she is ready for album number seven. “Evolution” will be released on September 15 and see’s the songstress returning to the “sprock” (Soul/Pop/Rock fusion) sound that she cemented on her self titled 2004 record. “Caught In The Middle” is the official lead single and is the perfect example of what this sound captures. Her soulful and powerful vocals still have that signature raspiness that made her sound so definitive. Lyrically she looks at a lover which she’s unsure about because they keep going back and forth and messing around with her feelings. “And everyday I’m trying to find the words, the words to say. I’m trying not to complicate the games we play and I don’t know how or when but things have got to change. Now my heart sings out so loud. Boy, I need you now”. The production is quite interesting and incorporates a latin influence during the pre-chorus before delivering a more rock directed chorus. It’s apparent that this song has been born to be performed live and will be transformed in her live show to have a more fulfilled sound. it grows on you with each listen and has a great little touch of nostalgia.




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