SINGLE REVIEW: Alex Lahey – Every Day’s The Weekend

alex lahey

After releasing her debut EP “B Grade University” Alex Lahey became a festival regular and a Triple J favourite which saw her place number 97 on the Hottest 100 last year. On October 6 she will release her debut album “I Love You Like A Brother” and inject more of her alternative rock into your life. The lead single “Every Day’s The Weekend” is an absolute TUNE and has been a fan favourite in her live set for a little while. The song incorporates all the elements that make her music so unique and different and will have you instantly singing along and hitting replay. It begins with gritty guitar strumming, a steady drum beat and her instantly recognisable vocals. The chorus then steps it up a notch with a classic alt-rock hook that has the “woah-oh-oh’s” that you know the drunk crowds are going to LOVE. Her lyrics are still as quirky and relatable as ever and paint cool imagery in your mind. And the chorus is the “fuck everything” hook you need in your life. It really is just an epic tune and a perfect lead single for this album. If this doesn’t get you hyped then I’m not sure what will.


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