You may recognise the name Olivia O’Brien from one of your favourite songs of 2016. The 17 year old songstress featured on Gnash’s smash hit “I Hate You, I Love You” which topped the charts in Australia and broke the Top 10 in the US and UK. However she has a new solo song that deserves a little of the same love. “RIP” continues injecting her brutally honest songwriting into a pop melody that could easily find itself on radio. This track also has a RNB element in her vocal delivery that was present on her Gnash collaboration. Her vocals are seductive yet they also have a hint of sass and anger which perfectly correlates with the songs lyrics. It explores the moment where you grow distant with someone and they no longer seem to want to be in your life and you end up questioning why and mourn the old them and the memories you had. “R-I-P to the old you. I fucking miss you. I would have never let you down like you did to me, now you’re dead to me. R-I-P”. The production in the verses are so slick and allows her vocals to take lead before the chorus ignites with a heavy bass that perfectly adds to the “fuck you” vibe. If you have a little listen to her discography on Spotify you will hear the impressive growth in her vocals and production. “RIP” is a catchy track that still holds onto her roots but also sees her reaching for that solo chart position. After your first listen you will be instantly excited to hear what she’s got installed next because she’s only getting started.


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