SINGLE REVIEW: Dani Robert – Clouds


Canadian singer-songwriter Dani Robert has just released her debut single and its one that’s worth discovering. “Clouds” is an intimate pop-edm ballad that explores the human connection and challenges yourself to start speaking from your heart. Her vocals have this raw delivery which showcases the pure emotion behind the lyrics before the EDM beat drops in the hook. It’s not too overbearing that the song loses it’s intimacy but it’s just enough to make it stand out from being just a ballad. However saying that, I would love to hear an acoustic stripped back version because I think her vocals would be even more emotional, raw and captivating. Lyrically this is the perfect reflection song the world needs to encourage us to focus on speaking from our hearts and to start loving one and another again. It grows on you with each listen and is a great debut from an artist I am very intrigued to hear more from.


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