charli xcx

It’s been 9 months since Charli XCX dropped her last pop single so I understandably started questioning when we were going to hear the follow up to “After The Afterparty”. But you can stop stressing because it’s finally here in all it’s shiny glory. “Boys” is the pop song you never realised that you needed in your life. It’s bubblegum pop meets slow RNB jam and unexpectedly turns into a pop lovers dream. From the first listen you will be hooked by it’s ridiculously catchy and subtle hook. “I’m sorry that I missed your party. I wish I had a better excuse like I had to trash the hotel lobby but I was busy thinkin’ ’bout boys”. In a pop climate where everything is over produced and over thought it’s actually a breath of fresh air to hear a popstar “under-thinking it” and deliver a different approach. Her vocals are polished and don’t show a lot of range but harmonises well with the retro beat. My only negative crictiscm is that the song is too short and could’ve kept going for at least another 30 seconds because after 2 min 40 I still wanted to vibe and think about boys.

Also this song is the gift that keeps on giving because this music video is a DREAM


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