EP REVIEW: Chase Atlantic – Part 3

chase atlantic

Australian exports Chase Atlantic are currently killing it in Los Angeles at the moment. They’ve just released Part 3 of their debut album after signing with Warner Bros Records and being mentored by The Madden Brothers. The third EP sees them going towards a more RNB influenced sound while still holding onto those The 1975 inspired roots you were initially intrigued by. But now just imagine a The Weeknd vibe thrown into the mix for good measure and you pretty much have the sound covered. “Drugs & Money” kicks this section of the album off and it’s a bit underwhelming. It feels a bit too try hard and out of place compared to the rest of their material. “Keep It Up” goes towards the sound that you are used to and want from them. it has a cool rhythmic hook that is lead by a groovy trumpet and Caves soulful vocals. “23” is the halfway in-between song of these two distinct sounds. It shows a seductive side to Cave’s vocals while also delivering an almost mourning lyric delivery. But then “No Friends” truly leaves me lost for words. I didn’t realise I was going to be listening to a rap mixtape because that is the sound this song introduces. It’s different and I understand they are trying to show some variety but it just doesn’t work. End of discussion. One thing I’m still waiting to hear from this album is an intimate moment of pure emotion that is less about production and more about the vocal and lyrics delivery. Will we ever hear that? I guess we will find out. But so far this album has been pretty decent once you had Part 3 to Part 1 and Part 2. However Part 3 is the weakest of the mini collections yet.



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