SINGLE REVIEW: The Script – Rain


The Script were a great band. But then they found a formula that worked for them and every song since then sounds exactly the same. A shame really. But I was hoping from the dismal impact their last album had that they may have learnt to try and grow as a band. They didn’t. The lead single from their forthcoming fifth studio album is as predictable as they come. “Rain” has the rock elements all of their previous singles contained as well as a new Ed Sheeran vibe in tact. But even I saw that experimentation coming. It’s a song that has moments that could be compared to so many current chart toppers that you can’t help but recognise instantly that it’s a tragic ploy for a hit. The lyrics are cheesy and gimmicky just like all the material on the last album but is super quotable and that’s exactly what they set out to be. They want to be the new Coldplay. The band you post lyrics of on instagram when you’re trying to be emotional. “Cause baby, when you’re gone all it does is rain, rain, rain down on me. Each drop is pain, pain, pain when you leave. It’s such a shame we fucked it up, you and me”. I really want to love this band as much as I did when “3” came out but these snooze fests they keep releasing are doing nothing for me. NEXT.


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