SINGLE REVIEW: Echosmith – Goodbye


It’s been three years since Echosmith infected the airwaves with the infectiously catchy “Cool Kids”. A little has changed since then, the band has now become a trio with the departure of their lead guitarist Jamie but they aren’t letting that hold them back. They’ve released the lead single from their forthcoming sophomore studio album and it seems them revisiting that tropical pop/rock sound they originally mastered. However “Goodbye” peaks during the verses with the strumming guitar and Sydney’s dreamy vocals. The chorus starts off strong but quickly becomes too predictable and boring. It begs for something bigger, better and stronger and all it gets is a lacklustre minimalists tropical pop beat. The lyrics are quite dark and will intrigue you with the emotions of a break up where you are ready to just say goodbye. “When you finally find yourself tell him I said, tell him I said goodbye”. After a couple of listens it does grow on you, but not enough to be added to a everyday playlist. Hopefully what they have planned next has a little bit more of a kick.


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