SINGLE REVIEW: Billie Eilish – Watch


I may be three weeks late on this track but I think it’s very important that I post about it. Fifteen year old Billie Eilish is the newcomer you need to be acquainted with. From the moment I heard this song I was entranced and in awe. Everything from the lyrics to the production was so heartbreakingly beautiful that I was hooked and feeling every little bit of emotion. “Watch” is just one of those songs. The idea behind it is so simple yet the execution is so grand in the most simplest ways. Beginning with just her dreamy vocals accompanied with a piano, it is a simple match stick that ignites a little drum beat and soothing synths the carries through the rest of the song. The lyrics are dark, reflective and honest. It’s about the pain that someone causes you and you grow from it and realise that you don’t need any closure from them to be okay. “Watch my heart burn with the fire that you started in me. But I’ll never let you back to put it out”. It’s a heartbreak track that is super emotional but has that perfect amount of savagery which will have you wanting to yell the lyrics in the face of anyone that has broken your heart in the past. She has just dropped another new song from her forthcoming EP which is out August 11 and “Copycat” sees her delivering a dark hip-hop influenced sound. It’s not as instantly relatable as its predecessor but it grows on you. I am still hooked on “Watch” though so I may just keep listening to this on repeat for a little while.


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