SINGLE REVIEW: Kesha – Woman


I’m just so happy that Kesha is back and releasing music again. Her comeback single “Praying” was everything we needed in this world. It was heartbreakingly beautiful and emotively reflective and re-introduced the world to an incredible artist without any gimmicks. Her third LP “Rainbow” will be finally released on August 11 and she’s promised it to be raw and different to anything you’ve heard before while still holding onto her wild roots. Staying true to her words she has just released the fiery and funky banger “Woman”. This feminist empowerment track looks at celebrating Womens rights as a reply to Donald Trumps grabbing the pussy remark. It explains how she doesn’t need a man to buy her things or support her financially because she is capable of doing that herself. If you’re a woman the lyrics will uplift you and have you screaming “I’m a motherfucking woman”. If you’re a male you will still be able to appreciate this song and feel badass for women because this is such a kick ass and cool song. The production is full of horns and has a funky big band sort of feel to it that has a old school vibe meets Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. It’s gritty, raw and just so her that you can’t help but fall in love with it. Her laugh echoes throughout the song and just adds to the carefree, wild and euphoric vibe. Also her vocals have improved so much and hearing the grunts and high notes in her delivery had me so impressed. I’m not going to lie and say its her best song because it’s not (“Praying” was) but this is a powerful addition to her legacy. This album will be massive for her in so many different ways and this song is already paving that path for her.