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People may argue that the pop-band trend is over but Australian three-piece In Stereo are current proof that there’s still a want and need for groovy pop songs. They aren’t your classic boyband; they all play instruments, they write their own music and there is no lame choreography. It’s all genuine and they are quickly winning over an army of fans across the world. They have just released their third EP “Day In, Day Out” and it’s an impressive collection of funky pop songs that sees them growing as artists and maturing from their last release. I recently chatted with Ethan Karpathy, Jakob Delgado and Chris Lanzon about the EP finally being out, touring and just life as a teenager.


  1. First of all, congratulations on having your Third EP “Day In, Day Out” officially out. Musically it’s quite a mature growth from your last release. Was that the intention when you went into the studio? 

Ethan: I guess so. The last EP was released about a year ago and I think it was a huge step up for us. Considering we had 6-8 months to work on it and make sure it was as perfect as possible we are very happy with the product and how it turned out.


  1. Did anything major happen in your lives that made you want to really go towards this new sound?

Chris: We are young and growing up so we wanted to show that through our music. And because our audience has grown with us we wanted to show that maturity and growth from the last releases by stepping up the quality and I think we successfully did that.


  1. “Bad For Me” and “Like You” are quite groovy tracks. What summer songs are inspiring you at the moment? 

Ethan: We all have our own style of music that we love but being a pop group we are constantly listening to pop music. We’ve been loving stuff by the likes of Calvin Harris and DNCE. Just all that groovy stuff because I guess that’s where the influence came from to write the groovy songs on the EP.

Jakob: I wouldn’t be surprised if our next stuff we release is even funkier than the stuff we have released now.

Chris: When DNCE released their self titled album I listened the hell out of the album, just a lot. So when we were in the studio I was channelling them a bit and I think the amount of bop in “Like You” is similar.


  1. Your teenage years are some of the most difficult and confusing times, so how are you guys finding balancing a normal life and music with this new found fame?

Chris: I think we are handling it the best we can. The three of us still go to school, so we are working on that and then we do music whenever we can. I think we are staying on top of it. We are really close friends and we help each other through it and it’s just really an exciting thing to be honest.


  1. You guys still go to school?!

Chris: yeah, we are in year 11! We go full time, Monday to Friday but we manage to fit in music sort of after school and on the weekends. We see each other as frequently as possible.


  1. Over the past couple of years you guys have toured A LOT. So are you going to be hitting the road soon to play this new EP live? What can your fans expect from this show thats a bit different compared to the previous ones?

Chris: Yeah thats the plan! We just did a little launch show in Sydney a couple of days ago which was a lot of fun and we are going to be performing in Sydney and Melbourne for the Teen Vibes festival soon and we are hoping to add a couple more shows for the EP around the country.

I think we’ve stepped up the whole performance and we’ve taken the energy up another level with the new songs and they can expect to have a great time all round. It’s going to be a lot of fun.


  1. Watching boy bands like One Direction have such big careers and be under constant microscopes with every move they make does that make you guys a bit nervous when you do work in the studio? 

Ethan: Our fans are pretty cool. If all three of us listen to a song and go “we did really well with this one” then it’s safe to assume that the fans will also enjoy it as I feel a lot of them do have similar tastes to ours

Jakob: And I also think the three of us are all perfectionists and we all like to make sure everything is all done and is up to high standards. And I think that is why we try to constantly release good music and that everyone likes it.


  1. You have a massive following globally, where would you love to play shows in particular?

Chris: Yeah the power of social media is insane.Tthe fact that people know us internationally makes us want to visit this places eventually. I know the three of us want to go to LA at some point to write some songs and hopefully because we have a little fanbase there it would be sick to do a show there.


  1. Since the X Factor and releasing your first EP what is one thing you’ve learnt about yourselves and the music industry? 

Ethan: For me, I think I’ve just learnt that I need to stick with my boys. I’ve just learnt to trust the two boys and appreciate to have them around. It’s helpful being in a band scenario because I have two other people to feed off. It would be really hard to get through it as a solo artist. Me and the boys are very opinionated on the music so it makes it really good when we are going into the studio and going out as we all feed off each other.

Jakob: it’s also all about being true to yourself and sticking to what you think is right.


  1. You guys had a web series last year titled “The in Stereo Show”. Where is it gone and can we expect any more new content soon?

Chris: We post as often as we can. We used to do it weekly but now it’s just as often as we can because we were focusing really hard on the songwriting and recording. It took over so we weren’t able to make as many videos as we would have liked to. But I think we try to post every couple of months, whenever we can. We will be working on some new videos soon in the future.


  1. Okay let’s play a game where I say a few sentences and you guys name the first things that come to your head;
  • My ultimate music festival line up would be…. 

Chris: The 1975, Ed Sheeran, LANY, Catfish & The Bottlemen

Jakob: Frank Ocean is headlining, I don’t care who else is playing. I would just there at 8pm when he goes on and watch him

Ethan: Frank Ocean, Tyler The Creator, Bryson Tiller, The Weeknd, maybe Travis Scott. More RNB and rap artists.


  • Most mornings I….. 

Ethan: Stay in bed way too late

Jakob: Eat breakfast

Chris: Stay in bed way too late as well


  • One question I can’t stand in interviews is….

Chris: Do you have a girlfriend?

Jakob: Yes! Do you have a girlfriend?

Ethan: The one question I don’t like in interviews is, What’s one question you can’t stand in interviews *Laughs*


  • I don’t usually….

Jakob: I don’t usually think before I speak

Ethan: I don’t usually have time to brush my teeth in the mornings because I wake up late and I’m rushing

Chris: I don’t usually go to bed early


  • The most unexpected thing in my music collection is….

Ethan: It’s a bit sad but I have an Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez little spot which is like a guilty pleasure.

Chris: I like a lot of One Direction’s music, I don’t know if that’s a common thing *haha*

Jakob: Probably One Direction too


  • If we were a rap supergroup our name would be…

Jakob: Probably still In Stereo

Ethan: No we need something a little more badass

Jakob: Backstreet Boys took the best name

Chris: I dont think they’re rap *laughs*

Ethan: The Beastie Boys took a good name too! I think we would probably just be called Something like At Radio maybe *laughs*


“Day In Day Out” Is out now


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