SINGLE REVIEW: Kasra V feat. K.FLAY – Justify You


Spotify has launched a very important and incredible initiative that sees American artists teaming up with producers/artists that are currently banned from entering America under Trumps new travel ban legislation. It’s a way of showcasing the art and creativity they are stopping from allowing to enter the country and try to push a positive message. On the first release from this initiative, K.FLAY has teamed up with Iran born producer Kasra V who currently lives in London. “Justify You” is a post break up song where she reflects on a relationship and all the chances you gave and the justifying you made to try make it work. “I break my back down to the floor to justify you. I think I’m losing my mind”. In typical K.FLAY style the lyrics are super raw, honest and relatable and this is translated through her half rap delivery meets pop ready chorus. The production is alternative EDM and continues to mesh different genres together just like her solo music. Kasra’s previous music has been a mix of EDM and hip hop and he has genuinely had a fluid take to production. They were really a perfect match to collaborate because both of their sounds are so individual and different that they were able to create a completely unique track. It’s catchy and intriguing enough that you will want to press replay. And to think that a travel ban nearly stopped them from making this song and they both had to fly to Canada to make it happen…