SINGLE REVIEW: Sabrina Carpenter – Why


Sabrina Carpenter is incredibly underrated and that probably comes down to the fact that she’s a ex Disney starlet. People instantly don’t take these songstresses seriously once they start releasing music because they assume its going to be over manufactured bubblegum pop. And look, her debut album “Eyes Wide Open” was a bit like that but her sophomore album “EVOLution” was IMPRESSIVE and I feel like thats even an understatement. And now she’s backed it up with the first single from her forthcoming third studio album. Prepare yourself. “Why” is a BIG track. The song looks at how her and a guy are complete opposites but she feels like they were made for each other. It uses quirky little reflections like “You like New York City in the daytime I like New York City in the nighttime. You say you like sleeping with the air off, I don’t, I need it on”. And then bursts with a big chorus proclaiming “Tell me how we’re not alike but we work so well and we don’t even know why”. The production is very alternative pop and can be compared to the likes of Verite with its electronic roots added with a little edge but then glistened with a pop finish. It’s the perfect step towards a more bold sound that she needed to go towards. It’s not pure pop and it’s not pure dance. It’s the perfect combination of both and is super euphoric and sassy. You will just want to dance, singalong and fall in love.


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