SINGLE REVIEW: Zedd feat. Liam Payne – Get Low


Oh great another snooze worthy Liam Payne song. Well actually, it’s Zedd’s new single and I’m just so unsure why this song has become a thing. Zedd could legitimately collaborate with any artist he wants and he chose Liam Payne?! It just feels cheap and gimmicky. It will chart no matter what because it has the teenage girl following behind it but that’s what makes it really sad. Because there are other songs like Kesha’s “Praying” that got released today and truly deserve that number one spot. And if this song steals it then what are we really achieving? Anyways; “Get Low” is just your average EDM track that could have been sung by any male artist and still have the same effect. It’s cliche, tacky and just a club song. It’s got no emotion or anything empowering about it. The lyrics are marginally better than his debut single so that is noted (but really was it that hard?). It’s average at best, nothing amazing. Step it up Zedd.



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