SINGLE REVIEW: Saatsuma – Stay


Melbourne electronic duo Saatsuma have released an entrancing new single that channels a moody Vera Blue meets Ms Mr sound. “Stay” is a hauntingly dark track that soars with beautiful vocals and harmonies that will have you captivated and intrigued. It’s layered with honest lyrics that reflect on a break up where you are still attached to the relationship but you’re afraid that the other person has moved on. It’s about coping with the reality that it’s over, even though how hard it may be. “Cos out of everybody I want you the most but you don’t wanna stay with me” // “You’re the only one I ever think about but I don’t think I’m the one you think about”. The song evolves over the 4 minute duration and is not one you will be instantly obsessed with. It will take a few listens because there are so many layers and it grows so much. The final chorus will have you intrigued enough once it all comes together to push play again. It’s reflective, powerful and if you’re struggling through a break up currently then it may just be what you need to hear.



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