SINGLE REVIEW: Kesha – Praying


I am legitimately speechless. I have been staring at a blank page for 45 minutes trying to figure out how I am going to word this review. But it’s best put like this; it’s songs like “Praying” that remind me why I love music so much. Kesha’s struggles have been very public over the past couple years and it was questioned if she would ever be able to release music again. But thankfully she has been allowed to and her third studio album “Rainbow” will finally see the light of day on August 11. The first single “Praying” is an intimate and raw ballad that reflects on the pain she has had to overcome. She empathises with her assaulter and searches for someone spiritually to listen to her so she can pray for better days. It’s an empowering track which the world truly needs right now. It’s genuinely relatable and will be an anthem for anyone who is going through a rough time and feels like they have no one. Because it may be quite an obnoxious thought that you are totally alone but when you are truly depressed this is legitimately how you feel and you have no idea how to fix it. But hopefully this song may just help ease that process. On a first listen I was very overwhelmed by the emotion of this song. You can literally feel all the pain she’s been through with every lyric. Her delivery is so raw and shows a growth in her vocal strength with a whistle note at the end that I did not expect. The production is simple and helps create the goosebump moments with the addition of a choir and banging drums that feel holy and empowerful. People are going to complain straight away that this is not a “bop” or the “pop Kesha we are used to” but the fact is she’s gone through a lot and it would feel insincere for her to release anything else. This is genuine, honest and real. This is a song that is going to make a massive difference in more ways than one.

“I hope you’re somewhere praying. I hope your soul is changing. I hope you find your peace, falling on your knees praying”





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