LANY are a three piece alternative band from Los Angeles who are slowly spreading their chilled vibes across the world. Their self titled debut album sees them tackling break ups, heartbreak, love and all the in-between. The album is a bit all over the place lyrically jumping from being in love to heartbreak and almost gives you serious whiplash with the range of different emotions. The track listing could have had a lot more structure if it was layered out like the different points of a relationship from the passion when you first meet, to falling in love, to the complications and to the break up and hurt. It would’ve flowed a bit better and had more of a impact. But either way this album is still very good. The production is indie-pop meets alternative rock with slick synths that remind you of The 1975. It has its moments of pure brilliance and also has its moments of monotonous production. Opening track “Dumb Stuff” is more about setting the vibe for the album with half of it just synths while the other half is lead singer Paul Klein admitting that he’s in love. “The Break Up” is the sound your familiar with from them with the honest lyrics that will have you feeling all the emotions. “You think you wanna be, you wanna be alone. Just wait until you’re crying on the shower floor. It hits you in the chest, bout every day you’re done. Cause once you let it go, you better know it’s gone”. Then “Super Far” gives a shiny indie-pop moment that follows in the steps of “ILYSB” and could be the bands next HIT. “13” offers a more stripped down production lead by a guitar and soothing harmonies which is a nice and much needed moment. “Good Girls” is another bop which will get you dancing while album closer “It Was Love” perfectly summarises the themes of the album and gives you a nice reflective and epic finish. However “Overtime”, “Flowers On The Floor”, “Hericane”, “Hurts”, “Pancakes”, “Tampa” and “Purple Teeth” are monotonous and average at best. At 16 tracks long this album could’ve been a LOT shorter and more impactful. Some tracks sounded way too similar and melded the one sound together. But this was an impressive growth for the three piece from their previous EP’s and sees them going towards a run of sold out shows that could have them following in the footstep of The 1975 in their arena domination.




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