ALBUM REVIEW: Calvin Harris – Funk Wav Bounces Vol 1


Let me start off by saying that I really hope there is only just one volume to this album because Calvin Harris needs to return to EDM asap and step away from this sun kissed sound he’s trying to inject. “Slide” was cool. It was different, catchy and was a very different sound for him that it worked as a one off. But then he tried to recreate this for the whole album. SNORE. Not even Ariana Grande could save the Pharrell influenced “Heatstroke” which sounded exactly like the Katy Perry and Pharrell track “Feels” which features towards the end of the album. It will literally make you want to bang your head against a wall that they all sound so similar. He then adds a hip hop element with “Cash Out”, “Rollin”, “Prayers Up”, “Faking” and “Holiday” and guess what? It’s still boring. The Nicki Minaj feature “Skrt On Me” is alright with it’s dancehall elements which makes it tolerable (not great, but tolerable). The strongest track ironically comes from the final song on the album “Hard To Love” which features insane newcomer Jessie Reyez. It’s stripped back and sounds more like a b-side from Reyez recent EP which is very much worth the listen. But nothing about this album screams Calvin Harris. It just sounds like a soundtrack for a upcoming b-grade summer beach rom-com movie. And that isn’t really a good thing. Some of it is listenable but the majority of it is just disappointing to say the least.


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