EP REVIEW: Astrid S – Party’s Over

astrid s

Norway strikes again with a pop songstress that you really should get acquainted with. Astrid S first appeared on the scene in 2013 when she placed fifth on the Norwegian version of “Pop Idol”. In 2016 she toured with Troye Sivan in the US and released her debut self titled EP. A year later she’s just dropped her second offering “Party’s Over” which is an electronic pop affair compiled of gooey synths and big breakdowns. Opener “Breathe” is a shiny pop track that elaborates onto the alternative-pop sound she cemented on her debut. It’s delivers a more “popstar emerging” sound rather than an indie-pop wannabe. Such A Boy” is undoubtedly the EP’s strongest track and will have you obsessed instantly. From the opening line “Say you need more space. What are you an astronaut?” the sassy attitude vibe of the song is instantly set. She looks at a relationship where her partner can’t make his mind up and is constantly sending mixed signals. “You say you wanna break, so we break up. You tell me stay, so we make up. And then we make out, you freak out. Here we go again”. It’s playful but relatable and with a big production breakdown in the chorus you will be ready to dance the worries away. “Sushi” is a strange interlude that flows into “Bloodstream” which is the most similar sound to the material on her last EP. It’s a bit more experimental and less full blown pop but has a very polished layer of production over the top. “Party’s Over” is catchy, not my favourite on this collection but gives me serious Zara Larsson vibes. Closing with “Does She Know” was a bold choice. This song should’ve been a stripped down ballad because it loses its emotion and vulnerability through the production. It should’ve been a standout moment but it ended up being the weakest. Overall this EP introduces a shiny pop finish to her already experimental pop sound and dreamy vocals. Each song delivers relatable lyrics about life, relationships and heartbreak which sounds cliche but it’s a fresh take. It is the perfect introduction to Astrid S if you haven’t already become acquainted with her.



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