SINGLE REVIEW: Oh Boy feat. Mallrat – Rush Hour

Artwork by Good Boy Graphics

Sydney based producer Oh Boy has just dropped his new single and he’s teamed up once again with Mallrat for an infectious burst of bubblegum EDM goodness. “Rush Hour” is just one of those feel good songs that combines the best elements of EDM and pop together. Mallrat’s vocal production is shiny and slick but does use a tiny bit too much of auto-tune at the start of the hook. However her lyrics are as relatable and quirky as ever. “Going from the very quotable “The city is alright but I like scaling heights” to the gushy “Baby you got me looking crazy lately and you got me missing my bus now I’m in a rush”. I wouldn’t be surprised if both started popping up as captions on your social media feeds very soon. The production is the most impressive thing about this song. It’s done so well and really finds the perfect way to incorporate main elements from both genres whilst still staying original. It’s just one of those songs that will get stuck in your head instantly and you will find yourself singing and dancing along and not caring where or when this actually happens. Basically its THAT song. Get ready to become obsessed.



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