SINGLE REVIEW: Adam Lambert – 2 FUX

two fux.jpg

I thought it was a bit strange that Adam Lambert was releasing a new single after just kicking off an extensive world tour with Queen. But then I heard the song and now it all makes a lot of sense. It’s very important that people understand that this is NOT a new Queen song but it IS inspired by them. The song combines elements from both of these artists and makes one cool glam rock meets pop song. The production is epic and grand and everything you wished a Queen song would sound like if they were to release new material. But the lyrics though… That’s where I fall unsure. The message behind it is amazing. It’s all about pride and being proud of who you are as a person but the execution is interesting to say the least. “If you think that what I do and how I live’s too much, I don’t really really give two fucks”. I love the empowering message behind it and the strength in his delivery but I’m just questioning if this could’ve been done in a less expletive way. His falsetto is flawless as always and he adds a lot of sass, attitude and confidence into his vocal delivery which ends up selling it to you. I began confused and unsure but ended convinced that what I had just heard was actually a cool and unique track. Not his best but still a good track.


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