SINGLE REVIEW: Tempus Sun – Owls

Tempus Sun blend

Melbourne six piece Tempus Sun are the newcomers you should be talking about. Their debut single “Owls” is an impressive indie-alternative track that introduces a gradient sound that evolves over the 4 and a half minute duration. Starting with a simple guitar strumming the song builds with the incorporation of a coffee house piano and percussion before climaxing before the final chorus with a fulfilled sound. Having six members I was a bit worried this track would consist of a lot of direction clashing but as a debut it’s very strong. Lead vocalists Andrew Wortes and Rya Park offer two unique depths with their sounds and when they harmonise it’s kinda magical. The song looks at speaking up about your struggles and encouraging that conversation between friends and loved ones that shouldn’t be embarrassing to admit you’re not okay. The imagery with the song is very euphoric and has this emotive feeling of release when you listen to it. The best way to describe their sound is as if Mumford And Sons and Boy And Bear had a musical love child with Regina Spektor. If that doesn’t convince you to give this track a listen then I don’t know what will.


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