SINGLE REVIEW: Clean Bandit feat. Marina – Disconnect


I’ve always under estimated Clean Bandit but recently they’ve been proving me wrong releasing banger after banger. So I’ve decided to be a bit more open when they release new music however for their new single they slightly disappoint. Teaming up with Marina from Marina And The Diamonds this song had SO much potential but what they’ve delivered is a whole lot of average. “Disconnect” sees them injecting a retro disco sound to their usual Brit-pop/dance production but whilst this sounds like it would be cool it lacks a moment of brilliance. It just sounds like a B-side from Marina And The Diamonds last studio album “Froot” and that’s not really a compliment. After their last single “Symphony” became a chart favourite they really needed to follow it up with something a bit different and bigger and I like the direction they are going towards but the execution is just off. Also Marina’s vocal delivery is a bit annoying on this track (Cue: the hate from her fans on social media). I miss the days of “The Family Jewels” and wish she would re-visit that sound. But now I’m getting side tracked, the song isn’t awful its just not great I expected and wanted more.


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