ALBUM REVIEW: Imagine Dragons- Evolve


Imagine Dragons still hold the spot for one of the best live shows I have ever seen and their debut album “Night Visions” is still impressive 5 years later. The Las Vegas rockers have just released their third studio album and have intriguingly gone towards a more shiny pop production. Hooking up with Swedish production duo Mattman & Robin who are responsible behind tracks from Tove Lo, Ellie Goulding, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani and Selena Gomez they offer an intriguing take on their sound. This album has been created around the fact it is going to be played loud and in arenas so the direction is centered on big hooks and breakdowns that create epic singlaongs. Opening track “I Don’t Know Why” is the best representation of this new sound as its very slick, groovy and completely different to anything they’ve done before. Then “Whatever It Takes” brings it back to their roots giving you a pop/rock track that really deserves some radio love. Dan Reynolds vocal delivery is on fire going from almost rap territory in the verses to his raspy big notes in the chorus in a matter of seconds. The harmonies are on point throughout the whole album and give you those big sing-along moments that you are hoping for. “Believer” is the smash hit this album needed and continues the sound previously cemented, whilst it may not be my fave on the album it is obviously good. “Walking The Wire” is motivational, empowering but a tad too christen rock for me. “Rise Up” gives the empowering sound a second attempt and succeeds with a bit more of a “traditional” Imagine Dragons hook. “I’ll Make It Up To You” is a bit of a game changer with this groovy electronic synths and baseline that is a bit more on the lines of The Weeknd and see’s Reynolds vocals having a bit more of a smooth delivery. But from there the album goes down hill quickly. “Yesterday”, “Mouth Of The River” and “Start Over” are a bit too monotonous and whilst they try give you this new sound it just feels dated. “Thunder” and “Dancing In The Dark” are probably the most experimental of the tracks and all I’m going to say is; no thanks. The foundations were definitely there for this album to be innovative and amazing but it’s just come across like they’ve sold out and become a bit too predictable. However Imagine Dragons have always excelled in their live shows and these songs will undergo a massive overhaul in their live performances and may end up winning you over. Emphasis on the may.


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