SINGLE REVIEW: Sheppard – Edge Of The Night


The road to the release of Sheppard’s sophomore studio album has been a long one and apparently we are getting closer. But the songs they are releasing are questionable and I’m unsure if this album should ever see the light of day. I know that is a pretty harsh comment to make but I think everyone can agree that “We Belong” was an awful cheesy mess and while “Keep Me Crazy” wasn’t bad it wasn’t great either. And they aren’t helping their case with the release of their third single “Edge Of The Night” because this song is worse than “We Belong” and who knew that was even possible. For this track they take influence from DNCE’s “Cake By The Ocean” and deliver a groovy pop beat with a retro gimmicky hook that will have you cringing and feeling super uncomfortable. George Sheppard takes over lead vocals to try give this song a bit of sex appeal leaving Amy and Emma to provide harmonies in the chorus. The sound they are trying to pull off is very obvious but they just don’t succeed in doing it at all. As soon as the voiceover appears during the first chorus I was ready to stop listening. There’s just no other way to explain it other than it is very cringeworthy and the fact that executives had to sign off on this song to get it released is concerning. No thank you.


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