SINGLE REVIEW: Gin Wigmore – Hallow Fate


2017 is going to be a massive year for Gin Wigmore and not just because she’s due to release her fourth studio album but also because she’s expecting her first child with husband Jason Butler. However she was getting bored with how albums and songs were being released so she’s created an innovative project to release her new music. Girl Gang sees her collaborating with 5 female artists; a poet, jewellery designer, tattooist, writer and artist to share a piece of unique art inspired by a new song she will release every month. The first is the fiery “Hallow Fate” which she’s introduced to the world by a really cool tattoo of a storm in a teacup by Briana Sargent. It’s a really cool and unique way to share music because you get to experience a different interpretation of the song thats not just from the lyrics, music video or live performances and has you immersing yourself into a different sort of art. This bold track sees her being an outsider looking in at how the music industry is quite fake and will drop you at any point with no care for loyalty. Quite a risk to release as the lead single but it pays off. The production is grungy while giving an electronic twist to her standard pop/rock sound. Her instantly recognisable raspy vocals will have you entranced and digging this kick ass vibe. The track grows on you with each listen and will leave you feeling empowered and excited for next month to receive the next instalment in this project.


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