SINGLE REVIEW: Fall Out Boy – Champion


Fall Out Boy are releasing their seventh studio album in September and it’s no secret to say their lead single “Young And Menace” was an absolute mess. The sound was all over the place with an electronic addition which sounded like they had received a remix of one of their songs from a 13 year old playing around with his first DJ software. It wasn’t good. They had a lot to prove with their next single and luckily for them “Champion” delivers some nostalgic F.O.B goodness. This is the sound you’ve come to know and love from the way it’s produced with its pop/rock/punk roots to Patrick Stumps aggressive vocal delivery which then transcends into an empowering message. “If I can live through this, I can do anything”. It’s instantly likeable and grows on you with each listen. The verses are aggressively stomp worthy while the chorus is a throw your arms in the air moment of reflection. Let’s just hope they continue to release songs like this because it’s good. Not their best but still enjoyable, reliable and fun.




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