ALBUM REVIEW: Verite – Somewhere In Between


I’ve been low key in love with Verite after discovering her electric cover of The 1975’s “Somebody Else” and have been continually impressed by each new song she’s delivered since. Her debut album “Somewhere In Between” has finally been released and it’s a bold collection of moody pop tracks that experiment with dark synths and raw emotion. It’s evident that she knows how to write a power hook with almost every song having a wow moment or unique twist. Opening track “When You’re Gone” doesn’t hold back with blaring synths, an addictive drum beat and a groovy baseline that will have you singing and vibing along to the reflective lyrics. “Phase Me Out” continues this sound with a more melodic approach and showcases her soaring vocal range that will leave you impressed. “Death Of Me” is an early album favourite and will remain as one. The production is just different to everything else and introduces this slick RNB meets dance beat that is less guitar driven and more rhythmic. The album candidly looks at heartbreak, loss and love and some of the strongest songwriting moments comes from the synth tracks “Bout You” and “Better”. She questions on the later of the two; “Maybe I fucked you up, maybe you let me down. Maybe we’re too far gone, Maybe it’s simple that it’s over now. Maybe we’re better off”. She then roars with gritty guitars on “Need Nothing”, gets sentimental on the keyboard meets synth “Somewhere In Between” and confesses she needs to be in charge on “Control”. But it’s “Saint” that easily delivers the best song on the album from the beat to the vocals to the infectious hook to the cool lyrics, It’s just perfect. “Solutions” and “Nothing” are two of the most experiential sounding songs during the verses but they give you drum heavy choruses that play it a bit safe amongst the other tracks making them a bit predictable. Still good songs though. “Floor” and “Fear Of Falling” deliver the only two lacklustre and skippable tracks on this collection which lucky for them fall towards the end of the album. What this record does lack is a stripped back moment that allows her vocals to really shine cause she shows us this amazing range but doesn’t have a standalone emotional vocal moment which could’ve easily been done via a piano ballad. But what “Somewhere In Between” does is cement Verite as an artist worthy of keeping an eye on because her songwriting in phenomenal, her production is slick and her vocals are powerful. Oh, and haven’t you heard, her album is killer.


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