ALBUM REVIEW: Hey Violet – From The Outside

After being endorsed by 5 Seconds Of Summer I was convinced that I was going to heavily dislike Hey Violet. That being said I decided to give their debut album a listen even if it was purely for the fact I could potentially drag it in a scathing review. But I can’t totally do that because this five piece pop meets rock band actually impress. “From The Outside” is that teen-angst pop-rock record that attempts to be punk but fails to really do that but you let it slide cause its a lot of fun. I was actually quite surprise how pop their sound actually was because there is a lot of dance influences that drive these songs. From the moment “Break My Heart” begins you are met with a guitar strumming that is reminiscent of early 5SOS but you’re then met with a dance drop that comes out of no where. It’s a bit confusing but it works. “Brand New Moves” is the funkiest song on the album and the baseline will have every part of you swaying instantaneously. But the problem with this album is that they seem to take sounds from so many artists and don’t consistently have their “own” sound. “All We Ever Wanted” is probably the most pop sounding track which sounds like its been stolen from an Icona Pop album. “Guys My Age” sounds like it belongs on a Halsey album, “O.D.D” and “Unholy” deliver a nostalgic sound that reminds me of Stacie Orrico (please YouTube “Stuck” if you don’t remember her). And “Fuqboi” drivers the most obvious (and horrible) “Teenage Dirtbag” rip off ever that I am just waiting for the lawsuit to arise. The only actual punk song on the record is “This Is Me Breaking Up With You” and its so basic that I’m unsure if its even good. “Hoodie” and “My Consequence” are two minimalistic pop-rock songs that provide my favourite moments on this record because they don’t have so much going on unlike the awful Disney-esq “Where Have You Been (All My Night).

Lead vocalist Rena Lovelis has a distinct pop delivery and this album captures that, if it was intentional or not. They want to give you a Paramore sort of vibe but they fail to do that. They probably need to find themselves more as a band because sonically this album is very confusing but I did enjoy listening to it. It may not be perfect and it may be genre confusing but its fun and thats the main goal they were trying to conquer. Its not game changing pop/rock/punk but its adolescent good times.


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