SINGLE REVIEW: Icona Pop – Girls Girls Girls

girls girls girls

I have a soft spot for Icona Pop. I feel like they are incredibly underrated as they have brought out some BANGERS over the last couple of years like “Someone Who Can Dance”, “Get Lost” and “Clap Snap” which completely fell under the radar. So I was really excited to hear they had a new single and really wanted to love it but I just don’t. “Girls Girls Girls” is a repetitive pop track that is very C grade. It’s nothing special and is a gimmicky female empowerment track which will be perfectly heard in a rom-com movie in the near future. But it’s not a HIT which is what they needed. It sounds like every pop-dance song out at the moment and while it’s an easy listen it’s lacking that wow moment or that one line/beat drop that has you going back to listen again and again. SKIP.




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