SINGLE REVIEW: The Killers – The Man

the killers

It’s been 5 years since we have received new music from The Killers and I am beyond excited over the fact that they are making a comeback. “The Man” is the first taste of their forthcoming fifth studio album “Wonderful Wonderful” which is due to be released in the second half of the year. The track begins with buzzing synths that launch into their instantly recognizable groovy synth-rock sound that you didn’t realise you missed so much. The lyrics are quite average and can be interpreted in two different ways; either that he’s singing a slightly empowering track about himself or that he’s singing about a demon that’s trying to tempt him. Either way the chorus is still cliché but it works because its get stuck in your head instantly. I got gas in the tank, I got money in the bank, I got news for you baby, you’re looking at the man”. However remember that this is the band that proclaimed “somebody told me that you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend that I had in February of last year” and later questioned “Are we human or are we dancer”. Brandon Flowers vocals are still as magical as ever and soar with high notes as well as giving you smooth harmonies with vocal layering in the hook. There is a heavy electronic influence present that I guess their music has always had but it’s more prominent in this track. It will have you waving your gospel hands in the air during the hook and genuinely excited to hear what’s next because after all their last album “Battle Born” was a but of a flop. And to be honest I even forgot it existed.