SINGLE REVIEW: Starley – Touch Me


Australian pop songstress Starley had quite the debut single. “Call On Me” cracked the top ten charts in Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand as well as taking the number one spot in Sweden thanks to Ryan Riback’s slick remix. She’s now ready to back it up with new single “Touch Me” which sees her chasing that euphoric tropical pop sound. She’s not waiting around for a remix this time to make that explosion on the charts and has tried to do it herself and she succeeds quite well. The song is flirty, fun, catchy and euphoric and offers a vibe that is similar to Neiked’s “Sexual” and “Call Me” which are certified bops in their own right. The concept behind the song is quite basic with her just craving someone’s touch but its fun and works well with her soulful vocals. “I promise now, I will be true. You are my perfect type so touch me how I want you to. Touch me”. The song grows on you with each listen and will have you wishing it was summer in Australia right now so you could play this on a beach trip but I guess the Americans and Europeans will have to make us jealous for the time being.

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