SINGLE REVIEW: Scissor Sisters – Swerlk


Well I’m about to say two things I didn’t think I was ever going to say; the Scissor Sisters are back from hiatus and apparently the word Swerlk has been born. It’s been 5 years since we have received new Scissor Sisters music and it was believed that we probably never would. However they’ve emerged from their solo projects to deliver a ridiculously catchy single in collaboration with MNDR to raise money for the Contigo Fund which aids those affected from the Orlando Pulse shooting. And so the word “Swerlk” is born. Now what does Swerlk actually mean? Well they break it down for you in the post chorus; “What do you get when you twerk and you twirl and you werk and you swerve and you swirl? SWERLK”. Okay I don’t know if that completely explained it but you get the idea right? Its a ridiculous empowerment track that looks at owning who you are in the most hilarious way possible. The 5 minute song is full of classic Scissor Sisters dance beats with a production and lyrical structure that is similar to their smash “Let’s Have A Kiki”. I didn’t realise how much I missed their voices until I heard Jake Shears falsetto and Ana Matronic’s half talking half singing delivery. It’s the euphoric craziness you have been wishing and hoping for a long time for and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s okay if you think it’s ridiculous because its meant to be. But you are going to get the song stuck in your head instantly and be trying to #SWERLK and not care at how crazy you look which means they’ve succeeded.


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