SINGLE REVIEW: Hanne Leland – You Don’t Own Me


It’s no secret that I love a good synth pop banger and Norwegian songstress Hanne Leland has delivered just that. “You Don’t Own Me” is a pure pop track that explodes with pulsing 80’s inspired synths that is reminiscent of the sound Carly Rae Jepsen has recently perfected. This empowering track looks at never letting someone completely have the best of you and just always being in control of yourself. “You can talk about me, call me names. But you will never ever own me. You don’t own me no.” The verses ooze this calm production that reminds me of MUNA and soothes with Leland’s beautiful vocal delivery. And then during the chorus she just explodes with a full euphoric pop breakdown that will have you wanting to punch the air and dance around like a fool. It’s a feel good pop song that we really do need in the world at the moment. She is an artist worth discovering and this song is very much a worthy addition to your summer vibes playlist.



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