SINGLE REVIEW: Golden Vessel feat. Elkkle & Mallrat – Shoulders

golden vessel

If you’ve attended an Australian music festival over the past couple of years then you are probably already well acquainted with Golden Vessel. The alternative producer knows how to deliver you chilled out vibes and some killer beats that would be best prescribed for those 2am drinking sessions. For his new single he teams up with following newcomers Elkkle and Mallrat to give you some more alternative dance moments. “Shoulders” is lead by Elkkle vocals that guides the song through this mid tempo sound. His harmonies perfectly lead into Mallrat’s half sung, half rapped delivery that gives this song that extra texture it needed. She really does help make this song memorable and you will be wishing at the end of it that she had more than one verse on this track. The production is quote unique and has a cool DIY feel with different beats and synths floating in and out of the song. The end of the song sees the track fading out to be brought back in for one last drop and its a gimmick that works so well. Definitely one to start requesting on Triple J.




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