SINGLE REVIEW: Kelsea Ballerini – Legends


Country isn’t for everyone, I get that. But recently it has been crossing over to the pop market and increasingly more people are slowly admitting to liking it so if you’re one of those people then I have a new artist for you to fall in love with. 23 year old Kelsea Ballerini impressed with her debut album “The First Time” through her flirty single “Dibs” and emotional anthem “Peter Pan” which exploded on the charts. She’s getting ready to unleash her sophomore studio album and continue her world domination with her new single that she’s dedicating to her fans. “Legends” is a mid-tempo country ballad that she’s admitted to have multiple meanings. From experiencing heartbreak to the journey and pure love she has had with her fans to now relating it to a legendary love story. It’s an adaptable and relatable track which is going to resonate with a wider audience than before. “We were legends, loving you baby it was heaven. What everyone wondered, we’d never question. Close our eyes and took on the world together. Do you remember baby?”. The production is similar to very early Taylor Swift (I’m talking about “Fearless” days) with it’s pop elements but country roots intact. It managed to be inimalistic in production but still grand in its delivery. Her vocals shine through and show a maturity and growth from her debut which is impressive. With every listen this song grows on you and wins you over with its beautiful heartfelt story and pretty harmonies. If you have a little guilty sweet spot for pop-country then this is going to be the track for you.




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