ALBUM REVIEW: Dua Lipa – Dua Lipa

dua lipa

The release of Dua Lipa’s debut album has been a long time coming with the release date changing multiple times which made it unclear when we were finally going to receive it. So in the end the album got released to very little fanfare with people either forgetting about it or too consumed in Halsey and Alt-J’s records. It’s a shame really because Dua Lipa is insanely talented and has a dark collection of synth-pop reflective break up tracks that you may enjoy. But the album is flawed by a couple of main facts. Firstly, at 17 tracks long its way too lengthy. Secondly, the best songs are the singles and promotional tracks that we’ve already heard. And thirdly the songs become quite monotonous and lack a much needed variety. The album opener “Genesis” is a lacklustre and forgettable track which doesn’t set the best first opinion on this record. It’s quickly followed up by the singles “Lost In Your Light”, “Hotter Than Hell”, “Blow Your Mind (Mwah) and “Be The One” which are pure bops that make this album worth buying even if it’s only for these brilliant pop moments. But then “IDGAF” introduces a cheesy indie-pop sound which is too gimmicky but it’s quite catchy that it leaves me confused on how I really feel about it. “Garden”, “No Goodbyes”, “Begging”, “Homesick” and “New Love” are forgettable moments of half expressive ballads and half attempted synth moments. “New Rules” and “Dreams” have the potential to be pop hits with their catchy hooks, relatable lyrics and unique beats. But the best song on the album is hands down “Thinking Bout You” which is the stripped down guitar track you didn’t know you needed. It’s basic production allows her vocals to take lead and really impress with emotional lyrics that will be quoted all over social media in the months to come. “Room For 2” is the most experimental production wise and her risk pays off with a chorus that is so different to anything out at the moment that it automatically gets stuck in your head. But then for some reason she closes the album with “Bad Together’ and “Last Dance” which could’ve easily got left off the album because they had no impact on me at all. The album just seems so disjointed with quite a few different sounds that could’ve flowed a bit smother. The album should’ve been reduced in length and had a bigger focus on just delivering wow moments over quantity. I truly wanted this to be album of the year contender worthy but instead it’s in the running for most disappointing debut of the year.


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