SINGLE REVIEW: Lorde – Perfect Places


2017 is all about Lorde. I’m sorry about it but she has come to conquer. Her sophomore studio album “Melodrama” will finally be released on June 16 and from the songs she’s premiered in her live set I have a feeling she may just have the album of the year. “Green Light” was a massive success and introduced a unique pop sound that wasn’t defined by a typical structure. I don’t think I ever get over that epic transition from the bridge to the chorus. However she has finally released another promotional single which she has declared as her favourite song she’s ever written. It’s a big call but luckily for her “Perfect Places” is a perfect song. It starts off with a similar pulsing beat to “400 Lux” and focuses on the gripping storyline of drug usage and sex at teenage parties. The song then explodes with a euphoric chorus which sounds like its meant to be a party anthem but its actually reflecting on how we are constantly searching for perfect places and that high but it doesn’t really exist. It’s just a state of mind that you have control of. “All the nights spent off our faces, trying to find these perfect places. What the fuck are perfect places anyway?”. Her vocals are as captivating as ever and perfectly narrate this story while navigating through the production changes. The outro is so intimate, raw and beautiful that if you aren’t won over before then, then you will be. Get ready to be lost in the thought of searching for perfect places.


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