SINGLE REVIEW: Verite – Saint


Verite is an artist I’ve been really intrigued by ever since stumbling upon her cover of The 1975’s “Somebody Else” last year. Her debut album “Somewhere In Between” will finally be released on June 23 and I have a feeling it’s one you aren’t going to want to forget about. She’s just dropped a new single and it’s a vibey pop track that dabbles with gritty synths and electric guitar. “Saint” explodes during the chorus with a collision of different synths and drums making it one big moment that will have you throwing your arms in the air. The song follows the trend of her previous tracks with relatable and quotable lyrics that reflect on previous relationships and self doubt. “Cause I know I’m a sinner but I could be a saint in your head. No I don’t got religion but I’ll tip my hat to the dead”. Her vocals are dreamy, powerful and perfectly tie all these elements together. It’s a song you really should add to your playlists and you probably shouldn’t forget the date June 23 either.

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