SINGLE REVIEW: Julia Michaels – Uh Huh


Julia Michaels is the name behind some of your favourite pop songs released in the past couple of years and I’m so glad she’s finally getting the spotlight she deserves to share her unique voice. Her songwriting is so raw and honest and she highlighted that with her debut single “Issues” which topped the charts globally and got people to start talking about the girl who is usually in the writing credits. Her new single “Uh Huh” shares a different side of Michaels with a playful and flirty storyline where she explores the battle between your head and your seductive feelings when you’re falling for someone. “Uh-huh! I think you’re moving in too close but I think that it’s my body wanting it the most, like Uh-huh! I don’t know what it is I feel but I know it’s my emotions going in for the kill” . The song starts off with just a basic guitar strumming which makes you think this may be another ballad and then all of a sudden the chorus hits with a gritty production which will have you LIVING. It’s so playful and sees her vocal delivery showing all these little quirks in her range which is very impressive. It’s a instantly catchy track that will have you wanting to hit replay straight away. It shows a great versatility in not only the sound she wants to release but her vocals and lyrics which pretty much confirms to me that she’s not one to mess with.


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  1. Favourite of Jules for the raw erotic energy! Great motivational inspiration for giving!! 😌🤤😵

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