SINGLE REVIEW: Pia Mia feat. Jeremih – I’m A Fan


I truly think Pia Mia is underrated and believe that her previous singles ‘We Should Be Together” and “Touch” deserved that Top 10 love that they surprisingly didn’t receive. She’s been a bit quiet recently, presumably working away in the studio or probably partying but she’s finally got a new song for us. Sadly its not the “big” track we were hoping for. “I’m A Fan” is a mediocre RNB track that just doesn’t go anywhere. It has a tropical beat similar to “Touch” and “Do It Again” with a heavier RNB approach that sees her vocals being the strongest part of the song. However even they sound forced with high notes sounding a bit too similar to Ariana Grande that you can’t help but think its a bit of a gimmick. The song also features Jeremih who doesn’t bring anything new to the song with an annoying vocal production. it’s just a bit of a mess and it’s a real shame. The chorus slowly grows on you but I have a feeling most people aren’t even going to get through 1 listen of this track.