SINGLE REVIEW: Vera Blue – Mended


She is quickly becoming one of the most talked about upcoming Australian artists and for good reason. Vera Blue is a new project from The Voice alum Celia Pavey and her debut EP was an impressive introduction to her magical indie pop. But as her debut album comes closer to being unleashed her music have been getting a bit darker with an electronic influence and I am LIVING for this sound. Her last single “Private” was a perfect representation of this bolder and darker sound and I couldn’t get over the incredible production. Her new single “Mended” begins quite simple, stripping the sound back to a oozing synth while she sings over with dreamy harmonies. The song then adds some basic percussion while she emotionally sings “It’s been a little while since we have ended but we haven’t mended” which will totally break your heart. A heavier drum beat comes in over her repeating “it’s getting close” but then fades away before bringing in this big production for the final chorus that sees the song just explode with emotion and intensity. It’s a perfect mix of the original Vera you were introduced to on the last EP and the darker electronic Vera we are now being acquainted with. However the song’s dreamy outro will break your heart even more with the final lyrics lingering in your head “What am I supposed to do when most of me still belongs to you”. This emotional synth ballad will be stuck in your head, play with your emotions and have you falling in love with Vera Blue. I promise you that.


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