SINGLE REVIEW: Samantha Jade – Circles On The Water


I’m unsure who is looking after Samantha Jade’s marketing but dropping “surprise” singles is not a smart move for her. But anyways, surprise she has a new single and it’s actually really good. “Circles In The Water” is a departure from the bubblegum pop singles and RNB ballads she was cycling out and sees her experimenting with the tropical pop sound that is infecting radio at the moment. The song begins as a dreamy synth ballad that is lead by her stunning vocals before delivering a pure pop bridge that will have your enthusiastic pop heart having palpitations. The chorus bears a beat drop which is made to get the clubs excited and I think she may just succeed in getting decent rotation from the club jockeys. It’s a track that grows on you with each listen and combines all of Samantha’s strong elements from her previous singles and that is a catchy hook, killer vocals, cute lyrics and a good beat drop. It’s a mature step in the right direction compared to “Shake That” or “Sweet Talk” and now sees her competing with some of pops biggest divas.


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