SINGLE REVIEW: Nick Jonas feat. Anne Marie & Mike Posner – Remember I Told You


Nick Jonas is all about reinventing himself and he’s done it yet again with new single “Remember I Told You” from his forthcoming third studio album. Stepping slightly away from the electronic tinged RNB he’s moving towards a groovier RNB meet soul pop. Enlisting help from Anne Marie and Mike Posner this all star trio bring the vibes you need for your weekend. It’s not a club banger but it’s a “Imma get ready” sort of bop. The heartbreak track looks at an ex lover that Jonas was convinced was the right person for him but it all ended with unanswered questions. “Remember I told you, I need you. Remember the spark that was there. All of the words that I’m saying are just a fancy way of saying I care”. The song begins with Nick Jonas crooning with his distinctive vocals that harmonise with the pulsing baseline. The funky and catchy hook with be stuck in your head almost instantly and if your aren’t tapping your feel already then I am very confused. Anne Marie takes over the second verse but doesn’t capture her usual raspiness and power. They then harmonise together for the next chorus before Mike Posner takes over the third verse with a lacklustre and cringe rap. He boasts “I suck at talking to girls, here goes a try. More woman than I should’ve in a century. Bitches on the side like a Kennedy starting to drain all my energy”. It’s the only part of the song that I’m unsure of. At this stage I would’ve preferred to hear 2 Chainz instead and that’s saying something. Otherwise this catchy track has potential to dominate radio as its funky, fresh and a bit different to the tropical electronic pop songs that are taking over currently.