SINGLE REVIEW: Neiked feat. Mimi – Call Me


I’m so excited. It’s been nearly a year since I first heard “Sexual” and fell in love with its euphoric production which then turned into it becoming one of my most played songs of 2016. There was just something fresh and different about it compared to everything else on the radio at the time. Obviously since then everyone has jumped on the bandwagon and that sound is no longer so original. However they finally have a new song and its another catchy summer pop song that you are going to fall in love with. “Call Me” follows the same structure as “Sexual” with the tropical pop synths driven by a groovy bassline that then leads into a explosive pop chorus breakdown that will become a festival goers dream ecstasy. The vocals are similar to the last pop endeavour and is just quirky fun that coincides with its playful lyrics. It’s another sexual innuendo filled song which once you add this with the beat it instantly becomes a club and radio favourite. Its got that hint of naughty which club goers seek but its still cheeky and innocent enough that soccer moms will be blasting it on the school carpools. “You can call me, oh, if you’re lonely and need somebody. You can call me, middle of the night when you need my body”. It’s only been out for 2 days and I’m already in love with it. It’s a instantly likeable song that will no doubt top the charts again and have everyone dancing.


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